“Tulak” to be shown in schools as part of anti-drug campaign

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In a memo released last November 20, the Department of Education (DepEd), has endorsed the showing of the indie film “Tulak” in schools. The film, which premiered last November 21 at the SM Megamall Cinema 12, revolves around Tikboy, a former convict who still hasn't managed to kick his addiction to illegal drugs.

The showing of the film, which was produced with the support of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), is part of the National Drug Education Program (NDEP) of the DepEd.

As lead star Rafael Rosell explained in an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the movie aims to show drug users that they can still be happy even without drugs and to help them kick the habit.

Other stars who support the anti-drug advocacy because of their experiences in the use of illegal drugs were also involved in the production of the film, according to a Manila Bulletin article. These stars include Ma. Isabel Lopez (who served as line producer), Criselda Volks, Lyka Ugarte, John Regala, and Ynez Veneracion.

The film is written and directed by Neal “Buboy” Tan, who also wrote and directed the award-winning indie movie “Ataul: For Rent” in 2007. The film trailer for “Tulak” can be seen on YouTube.



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