Schools Damaged by Typhoon Ondoy

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Typhoon Ondoy has caused so much death and damage to crops, properties, infrastructures including schools.  Based on Situation Report No. 13, Ondoy caused damage worth P3.17 billion to agriculture and P1.52 billion to infrastructure. Education secretary Jesli Lapus announced during a press conference last Monday after adressing teachers and school officials in the Davao region that classrooms and various properties owned by the Department of Education (DepEd) sustained damages amounting to P552 million during the onslaught of Ondoy.

Damages to classroom amounted to P344,192,840 while damages to other DepEd properties such as textbooks, desks, computers and other equipment reached P206,096,062.

Lapus added that rehabilitation of classrooms should be given immeditate action so as to reduce the negative impact of the disaster to school children.

Likewise, Lapus also proposed the use of gymnasiums, covered courts, and stadiums as evacuation centers since these structures have better roofing and facilities like restrooms and can accomodate more evacuees.  “Rather than use the schools immediately, [members of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC)] agreed to use these facilities first. That’s what they are also using in the US.” Lapus said.

DepEd has directed to hold Saturday classes and to use the last week of October to continue classes instead of using them for “in-service training" to make up for the lost number of school days  as a consequence of the big number of damaged schools and those used as evacuation centers due to the wreck brought about by Ondoy.

Lapus has also ordered DepEd engineers and technical experts to visit and assess schools damaged by the typhoon so that immediate repair can be done.

The Department of Education's Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office - Rapid Disaster Assessment Report (RADAR) -- released a National Report on Damages caused by typhoon Ondoy last September 28, 2009.

The link below shows the list of schools damaged brought about by typhoon Ondoy.

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